"Color is a power which directly influences the soul." ~Wassily Kandinski

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Monica Cortright Designs

designed with soul

designed with soul

designed with souldesigned with souldesigned with soul

 I also work with clients to custom design their chair-ished pieces.

Color Satisfies My Soul

The Chair Whisperer

"I'm crazy passionate about chairs! I'm obsessed with color & style.

 Yes, I talk to chairs...and sometimes they talk back".


There's so much to see here. Take your time and look around.

 We have plenty of inventory located in Annapolis Maryland.

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Handcrafted Furniture

Duke & Duchess - $3200 ea

I take my time and really get to know each piece of fine furniture before I design. This can take a week - and sometimes as long as a month. These chairs are like my characters in a play. And similar to a costumier designing for the theatre, I feel the energy of the production and let my creativity flow.

Each piece is meticulously upholstered  by master craftsman.

"Whatever satisfies the soul is truth." 

   ~Walt Whitman

Innovative Designs


Like a painter, my passion is color and design, but my inspiration comes directly from my free-spirited and adventurous life.

"I get to know each piece when I design. I get to know it, feel it, then I know when it's right."

No two designs are the same.

There is an abundance of attention to details. 

Pieces are finished with fine tassels & trims.

"It's like wearing a necklace or earrings,

 it just finishes the look".

*Each piece is adorned with fancy embroidered cambric (the fabric underneath). "It's like wearing sexy lingerie,  no one may know you're wearing it but it makes you feel fine".

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you." 


Committed to Quality


Some of my chairs are vintage and hand-carved, and some are new designer pieces.  

My fabrics are scrumptious and often come from well known textile designers. Trims, tassels & buttons are gathered from around the globe. 

Monica Cortright Designs is where statement pieces redefine fine furniture.

"Put your heart, mind & soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success." ~Swami Sivananda

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